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Collaborative Law

The Collaborative Law process is a new way of resolving you and your significant others’ issues in all family and matrimonial matters such as custody, child support, divorce, separation, cohabitation and partnership issues, property division and any other areas in conflict.

If you choose the Collaborative Law process you are choosing not to litigate. You and your spouse or significant other work together with your attorneys to reach an agreement that is satisfactory to you and your partner without Court intervention.

Choosing this process does not mean that you are giving up your rights. Part of the process is to inform you as to your legal rights and obligations and have you, not a Court, make a knowing decision regarding these rights. You are given full financial disclosure as you would be given in the Court system. Each party in the process is held to a high standard of honesty. Failure to willingly provide the necessary information needed will cause a breakdown in the process. Each party must be committed to reaching an agreement with open and honest negotiation and discussion.

The emphasis in Collaborative Law is on attorneys and their clients working together to reach a fair settlement of the issues in an efficient and cooperative manner. Having a series of 4-way conferences in which the parties discuss the issues until an agreement is reached does this. The number of conferences necessary to resolve the issues is dependent upon the parties’ issues and willingness to cooperate. You and you partner are in control with the guidance of your respective attorneys. If you are not able to reach a settlement then you must find other attorneys to litigate your case. It is the collaborative law attorney’s goal to not let there be such a breakdown in communication that it is necessary to end the process. We are trained to work through the process with you. If necessary, we have other professionals such as family facilitators and financial advisors available to assist you.

The Collaborative process hopes to minimize the economic and emotional consequences that can arise in the litigation process. This process is not for everyone as there may be serious emotional issues between the parties that does not allow for communication.

I am a certified Collaborative Law attorney as well as a litigation attorney. I understand that this process is not for all my clients. I am privileged that I can give you these choices. You must make the choice that is best for you.

You can learn more about Collaborative Law on our website If you are interested in this process please contact me for an initial consultation.

I represent clients in Onondaga County, Madison County, Cayuga County and Oswego County. I reside in the City of Syracuse and my office is located at 4030 New Court Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13206.
I can be reached at (315) 463-5747 or by e-mail at

Deborah A. Bellomo • Attorney at Law 4030 New Court Ave., Syracuse, New York

Serving Onondaga, Madison, Cayuga, and Oswego Counties

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